Secret RF

Secret RF is a non-surgical microneedling treatment that will leave your skin looking refreshed and revitalized. This minimally invasive treatment effectively combats specific concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, photoaging, and stretch marks in all skin types.

Adjustable needles reach various layers below the surface—from 0.5 to 3.5 millimeters—to deliver fractional radio frequency (RF) energy to address signs of aging by stimulating and remodeling your collagen. The 20-minute treatments are quick and effective; most patients see results after just their second visit! To achieve the best results, 3-4 treatments spaced approximately 4-6 weeks apart are recommended, with maintenance treatments every 12-18 months.

Designed with your lifestyle in mind, Secret RF results in little to no downtime after your treatment. You will be encouraged not to wear makeup for several hours and may experience redness or swelling around the treatment area, but this will subside within 12-24 hours so you can immediately get back to your normal routine.

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is a treatment that targets fine lines, acne scars, large pores, and uneven skin tone by heating the upper dermis, which accelerates collagen regrowth. This noninvasive treatment improves skin texture, reduces wrinkles, reduces acne scars and redness, and diminishes pore size. Laser Genesis treatments are quick and require no downtime afterwards. Plan for six treatments 2–4 weeks apart.

Forever Young BBL™

The name says it all—Forever Young BroadBand Light (BBL) is a treatment that slows down the aging clock and keeps you looking young. Sciton’s Forever Young BBL is a sophisticated technology that optimally delivers infrared and visible light, penetrating the outer and deeper layers of the skin to stimulate changes at a molecular level and visible improvement to the outer layers. The gene expression of older, damaged skin cells changes to more closely resemble the genes expressed in younger skin cells. The cells are reinvigorated, and over time, the result is improvement in skin firmness, elasticity, and appearance. Patients who receive regular treatments experience clearer, smoother, and more youthful skin.


This “weekend peel” delivers results with minimal downtime! The NanoLaserPeel treatment removes a thin layer of damaged skin. The results are improved texture and a brighter, youthful appearance. Only two to three days of minimal redness and exfoliation has made this one of our most popular treatments. This treatment is recommended for the face, neck, chest, and hands.

Skin Resurfacing with Contour TRL™

The Contour TRL skin resurfacing peel delivers unparalleled wrinkle reduction and improvements in skin tone and texture. This laser treatment addresses the effects of sun damage and environmental pollutants that take a toll on the skin. A laser peel can reduce these conditions and be tailored to your skin type and condition. It improves problem areas such as the deeper lines around the mouth and eyes. Expected downtime for this treatment is two to five days.

Fractional Resurfacing with ProFractional™

ProFractional therapy is a comfortable laser treatment utilizing tiny laser beams to treat thousands of pinpoint areas of your skin. It stimulates new collagen growth and improves your skin’s tone and texture, correcting laxity, fine lines, and deeper wrinkles. This treatment is also known to reduce the appearance of scars. Because only a fraction of your skin is directly treated with the laser, the surrounding untreated tissue promotes rapid healing. ProFractional therapy is customized for your skin type and concerns. This treatment is appropriate for most skin types and expected downtime is four to five days.

Before/After (4wks)
3 Profractional Laser Treatments

Before/After (4wks)
5 Profractional Laser Treatments

Urban Effects MedSpa’s Signature Therapy Treatment Combinations

Urban Challenge

The Urban Challenge is designed for the individual who has a goal of improving their skin in four to six weeks! It combines four skin therapies in three treatments, which results in the improvement of fine to medium facial lines, texture, skin laxity, and clarity. The result is smoother, brighter, and tighter skin with minimal downtime. This treatment includes a VISIA skin consultation.

Pre-Urban Challenge
Post-Urban Challenge

Urban Milestone

Do you have a class reunion, family gathering, graduation, or a special celebration coming up? Give us a day, and we will have everyone talking about how young you look! Your skin will be smoother and brighter with softer facial expression lines with a combination of three anti-aging skin therapies with no downtime. Includes a VISIA skin consultation.

Urban Renewal

Are you an individual who likes to be proactive and prevent aging? Perhaps you are new to advanced skin treatments, and the last time you looked in the mirror you thought, “My skin looks tired.” Urban Renewal combines two skin treatments to address facial expression lines and uneven skin tones (brown pigment and/or redness). Includes a VISIA skin consultation.

Urban SkinFit

If your skin is looking a little dull, congested, or photo damaged, maybe it’s time for a fitness program for your skin. We start with a VISIA skin consultation and a complete review of your home skin care regimen. We will provide an advanced skin therapy treatment to resurface, exfoliate, then bathe your face with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and serums. This will provide you with immediate, visible results. Next, we will add the finishing touch of our jane iredale everything beauty routine.

Laser Hair Removal

The CUTERA excel HR™ laser hair removal system provides advanced hair removal for all skin types. It’s state of the art, combining a 755 nm alexandrite laser and CUTERA’s proven long-pulsed 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser. The excel HR is a permanent hair removal solution for the face, neck, axilla, bikini, full legs, and arms for any skin color. It usually requires 3–6 treatments spaced 6–8 weeks apart.